Some men just love scandalous women – Abena Korkor to sex payers

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Nana Abena Korkor Addo, a former student of the University of Cape Coast has been in the news the whole weekend with claims that scandal excites most men.Some men just love scandalous women - Abena Korkor to sex payersTwo years ago, February 2015, she made several headlines across the country when she leaked her naked videos and images and later rejected claims that she is sick or mentally not stable. This time, she reveals that it’s false for anyone to say she is cursed and under a spiritual attack.

According to Abena Korkor, a Man of God has taken huge sums of money from her mother in return for her healing but she cannot continues to allow this act go on, she would hope everything this man of God has taken to be returned to her mother insisting she is neither been cursed not under any spiritual attack.

“Mummy don’t let anyone lie to you it’s a spiritual attack. Apostle Stanley Lord don’t take any money from her. And return what u took from her. U go and prepare 5 cedis concoction and charge her over 1000 cedis to heal me. If I drank it kraa anka megyimi
Fake pastors alert Churches springing up like crazy Mummy, I have not been cursed and there is no one after me” She said via her Facebook page.

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“Lency on Fire” as she’s popularly called, also revealed how she was raped at age 5. Adding that she didn’t have the choice to choose when to lose it.

“Never ignore past events
They must be continually analysed to prepare and strategize for the future.

I was raped or let’s say my first sexual encounter was at the age of 5. I don’t remember bleeding and feeling pain. I trusted him that whatever game he was making us play was fun and right. He was tall, dark and built. That is the genesis of my love for tall, dark and built men.

He vanished don’t even remember his name but he took something from me. Something society looks down upon me if I don’t have. And I didn’t have the choice to choose when to give it away” She wrapped.

MY VIRGINITY,” She wrapped. 

In a more revealing post, Korkor believes some men enjoy scandal and there’s a reason why those men choose her although they know one day, she will put out a list.

She posted saying:“Some men just love scandals or say, scandalous women. The feeling of the potential of a scandal excites them. It is an unconscious trait. You chose me for a particular reason. I will feed that for you because I am at your service.” Then she talked a little about her life, drugs, and jail. Read more below.Some men just love scandalous women - Abena Korkor to sex payersAbena Korkor has been trying to make a positive impact on society by making the environment a better place for mental health patients in her own small way as well as pursuing her dreams of becoming a gynecologist and sex therapist.

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