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Exposed: Fauster Atta Mensah now scams as Professor John Vinzelts

Exposed: Fauster Atta Mensah now scams as Professor John VinzeltsThere have been people seeking to cheat others since the start of human history. As a result, it should come as no surprise to learn that there have been a lot of con artists, including a fair number who have managed to establish themselves in the popular imagination through their sheer gall.

From single biggest ponzi schemes to fake titles and awards, Ghana is fast becoming home to many con artists.

Fearless Ghanaian scammer, Fauster Atta Mensah has resurfaced online, now scamming as Professor John Vinzelts according new profiles spotted on the Internet.

Con artists make money through deception and this daring fraudster who was busted in 2014 after he claimed that he had won a Nobel Prize for his supposed excellence in the sciences is gaining attention after another Ghanaian awarded celebrities in Ghana with a UN award.

Exposed: Fauster Atta Mensah now scams as Professor John VinzeltsAtta Mensah has repackaged himself as Professor John Vinzelts, and is still scamming unsuspected persons in the country and beyond. He’s not only a Professor this time, his biography also states he has past relations with the United Nation where he worked as the Country Head of UN Youth Ghana.

As a Professor, his titles also includes an ambassador and a Doctorate Degree holder, with a new name, John Vinzelts, working as the Country Head for UN Youth and Commissioner with the World Diplomatic Organization (WDO).

Mr Atta Mensah has also claimed to be working with the Foreign Affairs Ministry, where he claimed he has Directors under his care.

Further checks by reveals that, Atta Mensah has created a separate business site under United Nations Programme on Youth (UNPY) using Google’s free site where he has some works to show under his leadership.John VinzeltsHe also has a university and a tech organization under his leadership. Fauster Atta Mensah supposedly founded and is vice chancellor of is “CONSULAR & DIPLOMATIC SERVICES UNIVERSITY,” Accra, Ghana.


In the last few years since his 2014 con blast, Atta Mensah has met with diplomats, statesmen and has been granted audience with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Ghana. He claims to have been sworn into office by legal practitioners.John Vinzelts is yet to get a response from United Nations (UNYouth Ghana office at the time of reporting.


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