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NetbuzzAfrica.com, an all-round news and entertainment platform centered with businesses in digital streaming networks and tourism. We are among Africa’s leaders in online news and information delivery as well as Africa tourism promotion. Staffed 24 hours by a dedicated staff in Netbuzz Africa’s world headquarters in Accra and in cloud bureaus worldwide.

Creating, packaging and delivering high-quality content on a multi-platform basis. We have keen interest in promoting and projecting Africa while serving millennials. the site is updated continuously throughout the day.


Our operating divisions are: bjrlive fm (now Netbuzz Music), web trips and 7 minutes.

  • Bjrlive fm on Tune In [Netbuzz Music]: broadcast journal research live and free music (bjrlive fm) is a digital music service and internet radio operated by Netbuzz Music based in accra – Ghana. The platform exists to connect music lovers to their favourite music and musicians all over the world while refreshing their ears with live internet radio programs. a wealth of music content intended to inspire and entertain is offered to our community members via our music news page.
  • Web trips exists to tell awe-inspiring travel stories to passionate readers who want to learn about the African continent while giving immersive readers and independent travelers insights into destinations abroad. web trips brings the beauty of travel with crafted guides, thoughtful posts and photography journals wed wanderlust and practical advice to help destination seekers make the most of their own adventure. we comprises of a supercharged independent, impartial and honest team of editors, writers, photographers and video journalists who provide a trusted perspective on the world of travel. web trips aims to celebrate people, destinations and cultures that make Africa and the world so beautifully diverse when explored. your social travel platform with an open mind, an eye for the surprising and a global voice to inspire you to fall in love with the beautiful continent, Africa, the world – and humanity.
  • 7 Minutes is a video advertising and creative platform operated by Netbuzz Productions & Ghana Creatives, allowing brands to purchase, plan, shoot, edit and review their advertising video with our brand Ghana Creatives. We strip back the complexity of video production, giving brands and agencies access to an affordable market price of creatives, an end-to-end suite of workflow tools to reach each advertising goal for brands. We advertise online, TV and mobile.

Our divisions are separate businesses, they each foster a culture that encourages and embraces constructive collaboration.

we also lead our industries by harnessing technology to create products and services to reach and entertain audiences in new ways all over the world and deepen their engagement with the brands, stories and experiences they love with a special focus on Africa. Through our “Content Everyday” initiatives, we seek to give consumers access to our high-quality content across platforms and devices. Our news worthy items, editors picks and general services reinforce our industry-leading brands and storytelling capabilities.

our brands and businesses are supported by our people, who share a passion for storytelling and our commitment to excellence in everything we do. We believe it’s time to #DiscoverMore

Netbuzz Africa parent company:

Pivot Digital Media

NetbuzzAfrica.com, operated by pivot digital media company, a registered company in Accra, Ghana and bound by the copyright laws of the republic of Ghana. Ghana’s current copyright law is act no. 690 issued by the parliament of the republic of Ghana. it was enacted on may 17, 2005, and replaced parliament’s act no. 110, the country’s previous copyright law from 1985. the copyright law affords protection to a variety of works, grants copyright holders rights to their work and defines the duration of that copyright protection.

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