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Nothing can hold a man down if he wears same boxers twice – Debbie Shokoya

According to Nollywood Lingerie stock expert Debbie Shokoya, men who wear same boxers twice won’t last a day with her.

Nothing can hold a man down if he wears same boxers twice – Debbie ShokoyaNigerian movie producer, Debbie Shokoya aka Debbie Show, says she can’t stand unhygienic men most especially those who wear the same boxers twice.

“For me, it is one boxers per day. I would love to see my man put on different designs and mature colours. I can’t stand guys repeating boxers or pants everyday. And not just only the males alone, it also applies to the females,” she said.

Shokoya, who also owns fashion platforms, Debbie Show Brand and Lingerie & Briefs by Debbie Show, maintained that rocking sexy inner wears by a partner is another way of spicing up a relationship.

“I don’t think anything can hold a man down except a man who wants to stay! There are some things a woman needs to do to spice up her relationship, make her marriage lively. It shouldn’t get boring; some of these things are needed. The inner wear is another way of bubbling things up. You need it some of the time with your partner, like sexy lingerie. That is where Debbie Show got you covered,” she stated.

Detailing her choice of business, the Public Administration graduate said: “I’m a business minded person. I do any business that comes to my mind and I know I can work so well. Lingerie business is just one of those businesses I am planning to make bigger. I have a lot coming. I just thought of investing in this, a lot of people are so particular about their clothes, shoes, bags and all. We need to be classic with our undies too.”


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