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Canadian lady calls out Nigerian Police for assaulting her husband

Colleen Santos-AmaluA Canadian lady has taken to social media to call out the Nigerian Police Force for arresting her husband in Lagos.

The lady identified as Colleen Santos-Amalu revealed that her husband was arrested and taken to a place messed up with faeces and urine.

She shared:

“This will NOT be the last I speak about this, this will not be all that I do. Mark my words @nigerianpolice @nigeriapoliceforce , I will be in contact, and you will be so SORRY you even laid a hand on my husband. This happened in cele, at the abandoned police station just across the bridge.. He was put into a white van, with officers who wore black jackets with write ups saying “anti cultism”. NO names, NO badges.NO ID.

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“There was about 15 other men in this truck before they had thrown my husband into the back. Men that were beaten and begging for their lives. When he got there, he saw about 40 other men, who were there before him, that they picked up randomly on the sides of the roads.

“These men were obviously beaten, and not being taken care of, and treated worse then animals. When my husband tried to make a phone call out to his brother, who is a lawyer, the officers threatened to kill him, and smashed the cell phone in use, and beat him and his cell mate.

“The cells had feces, urine and rats roaming around. The officers said that they would kill him, and label him as a kidnapped, or highway robber! These other men, faceless men, who may not have funds, family, or the means to save themselves against these dangerous people the Nigerians call “the police”.

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“My husband now, who can barely walk, was LUCKY compared to some of these other victims, but he is physically and mentally struggling. This is a huge danger, and a huge step back in the world! Nigeria you need to be holding these men accountable, and holding your country accountable for the danger you are putting your people in! Many people died, and NO-ONE is speaking to get the justice, so here I AM NIGERIA, infront if anyone who will listen, infront of the LORD, HERE I Am. A change will be made if it’s the last thing I do! Please help me share this video, please help me bring awareness! Share share share !! This can save a life!”



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