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Africa confirms first case of COVID-19 in Egypt

COVID-19 in Egypt

EGYPT confirmed on Friday, February 14, 2020 its first coronavirus (COVID-19) case and said the affected person was a foreigner who had been put into isolation in hospital.

The patient — who did not show any symptoms of being ill — has been quarantined in a hospital for treatment and monitoring.

Until now, no one in any African country had tested positive for the deadly virus.

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Egypt’s health ministry said in a statement it had immediately informed the World Health Organization (WHO) and had taken all necessary preventative measures. It did not reveal the nationality of the affected person, or any other details.

WHO Egypt said on Twitter the person was carrying the virus, but had not shown any symptoms and was in a stable condition.

Currently, there are 64,474 Coronavirus (COVID-19) Cases of which 8,043 in critical condition. 1,384 Deaths with 7,184 of the patients Recovered or discharged.Check out the live updates here.


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