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Afia Schwarzenegger Is Mad Because I didn’t Allow Her To Control My Life – Mzbel

Afia Schwarzenegger Is Mad Because I didn't Allow Her To Control My Life - Mzbel

– Mzbel has gone into detail concerning what her friendship with Afia Schwarzenegger has been all about. 
– She’s alleged that Afia was trying to control her lifestyle and that wasn’t cool with her. 
– She says still admire Afia Schwarzenegger despite their differences.
Mzbel, born Nana Akua Amoah, has made yet another revelation in the affair concerning her friendship with popular TV host and comic character Afia Schwarzenegger. This time, she says, they not being friends is for good.

In a recent interview granted to Adom TV’s Sister Sandy, Mzbel alleged that TV host, Afia Schwarzenegger, was the cause behind the abrupt end of their friendship.  The popular songstress revealed that Afia once tried to control her lifestyle in a strenuous manner which to her wasn’t right.

Months ago, Afia Schwar disclosed what marred their once lovely and envied friendship but it seems she left out the sauce from her message and Mzbel isn’t too happy with this.

According to Mzbel, her friendship with Afia was one of the few friendships she cherished and was hoping to make it until Afia Schwarzenegger decided to publish their indoor conversation to social media.

“We were good friends and everything was perfect for us but then she started complaining about my dressing and other stuff I do.”

“Although I allowed her to continue with her good counsel, she was acting too bossy and controlling over my own lifestyle which to me wasn’t appropriate.”

“I asked her to keep her cool since I was good at handling my business but then she decided to go social media with out issues. That was too much for me. So we ended everything.”

“I still admire Afia Schwarzenegger a lot. She’s amazing and a strong woman who’s determined. I really wish we could last as friends but it’s for good that we no-longer hanging out. Our friendship has ended forever.”

Mzbel was on Sister Sandy's exclusive Ahosepe segment on Adom TV.



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