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Wisa Greid admits showing his penis in 2015 for fame

Wisa Greid admits showing his penis in 2015 for fameHiplife artiste, Eugene Ashie, aka Wisa Greid, has told the Accra Circuit that he showed a penis during 2015, “Decemba 2 Rememba” concert to boost his popularity.

He, however, explained that what he showed on stage was actually an artificial penis.

According to him, he did not do it in the spur of the moment, but rather it was something he planned on doing prior to his performance on that day.

Wisa made the revelations last Thursday) during a cross-examination of a case in which he is standing trial for gross indecent exposure.

The “Ekiki Me” hitmaker was dragged to the court after he allegedly removed his manhood and used it to stroke the buttocks of a female dancer during a live performance at the concert on December 24, 2015.

After his plea of not guilty, he was granted bail by the court, presided over by Mrs Abena Oppong Adjin-Doku, in the sum of of GH¢8,000 with a surety to be justified.


The cross-examination became a battle to ascertain whether the penis that the musician displayed on stage was his actual penis or an artificial one.

Inspector Judith Asante, the prosecutor, throughout her questioning (Q) tried to prove that Wisa displayed his real penis, while the musician, in answering (A), also maintained that it was an artificial version.

Q: Was the artificial penis part of your costumes for your performance?

A: No, I was wearing it under my boxers.

Q: Do you have any proof of you wearing a fake penis before going on stage?

A: No

Q: I am putting it to you that what you exhibited on stage was your actual penis and not exhibit one (artificial penis)?

A: This is what I showed on stage. Wisa pointed to exhibit one (artificial penis).

Inspector Asante then asked the musician if he informed the police about the artificial penis when he was invited after the act, to which Wisa replied in the negative.

“Bringing exhibit one to court was an afterthought and a way to evade justice,” the prosecutor averred.

But once again, Wisa answered in the negative.

Inspector Asante asked Wisa why he released a song to aplogolise for his actions, if what he showed on stage was an artificial penis.

Wisa answered that he released the song to quell certain negative perception the general public had about him after his infamous act.

Hearing continues on March 21, 2018.


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