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Sarkodie ‘too busy’ to reply my ‘Collaboration’ request – EL

Sarkodie 'too busy' to reply my ‘Collaboration’ request – ELTheir beef might have started from Sarkodie’s Bossy record which featured Jayso. Rapper E.L wasn’t spared in their lyrics and has been in his IDGAF moments for sometime after those shots were fired at him by Sarkodie.

As a means to level his ghost rivals attack, “Body Bags“ was released by EL. The song released on the same date a, year earlier as Drake dropped his “Charged Up” could be a coincidence but then again, the song also took its inspiration from 50 Cent’s “Body bags“, a record released under “The Kenan Tape” where 50 went ham on his rivals.

Here, EL used Drake’s sentiments on “Charged Up’ to release “Body Bags” an attack on not only on Sarkodie, M.anifet, and Jayso but also, to level talks with rapper Tinny on a few lines after he passed negative comments on his “Love God” record. At a better time, I may discuss this in detail, in the meantime, it seems rapper EL will love him a Sarkodie collaboration after all the back and forth.

Yes, it’s been a while!

E.L in an interview has revealed that his colleague Sarkodie is yet to reply a request for a song collaboration.

“Sark, we haven’t spoken in a long time”, EL told Giovanni on the Starr Drive.

According to him, the last time he had any communication with Sarkodie was “about 6 months ago”.

“I tried to get him on a collabo but he might be busy because he never got back to me. I haven’t really haloed [sic] at him anymore but maybe if he sees my message he will hit me back,” E.L said.

There is a subtle tension between both musicians.

Early this year, E.L was coy from answering a fan’s question on twitter asking for collaboration between the two.

But Sarkodie has said little about E.L’s music carrier.

Meanwhile, rapper E.L has a new joint titled “Joy“, check it out below.

More to come…


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