Vizocom unveils high speed internet broadband service to African SMEs, homes

Vizocom unveils high speed internet broadband service to African SMEs, homesVizocom unveils high-speed internet broadband service to African SMEs, homesVizocom has unveiled its new IP Easy Satellite Broadband Service. The new satellite broadband platform is designed to provide high-speed Internet access to small and medium-sized enterprises as well as residential and home office users in Africa.

The service is provided through three satellites from Eutelsat whose footprints covers the entire sub-Saharan Africa.

Combining the strengths of Eutelsat’s Ku-band capacity with Newtec’s successful point-and-play technology, Vizocom is making quality internet connectivity with download speeds ranging from 512Kbps to 10Mbps affordable for smaller enterprises. It provides immediate broadband connectivity solution to users in any terrain or remote locations inside the service area.

In addition to lower bandwidth prices, the low equipment cost, provides a real low CAPEX solution that will now enable even home users and small businesses enjoy the reliability of satellite-based internet services. Equally important, the new solution has removed the cost of installation in its entirety because the new hardware is a “Point & Play” solution, which enables the end-user to install the complete system without the need for specific qualifications or expensive tools.

With IP Easy, Vizocom will take the broadband experience in Africa to a much larger client base, bridging the digital divide with competitive offers in a continent characterized by a wide surface area with regions of limited terrestrial infrastructure.

Vizocom’s IP Easy service is the ideal solution for users operating in locations like Africa where satellite is the only route to connectivity or when quality of service by terrestrial solutions is low and not acceptable to businesses with mission critical communication needs or those who simply cannot afford loss of communication.



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