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ROOTED IN EXCEPTION: Remy Martin’s Brand Manifesto And Statement Of Product Superiority

Remy Martin's Brand Manifesto And Statement Of Product SuperiorityRemy Martin’s brand manifesto, Rooted in Exception claims the brand’s product superiority and highlights the core pillars of its nearly 300 year legacy. Since 1724, the House of Remy Martin has produced premium spirits that consistently appeal to the world’s most discerning connoisseurs. As a result of its masterful production and generations of tradition in Cognac, the House of Remy Martin today produces Fine Champagne Cognacs, including Remy Martin V.S.O.P, Remy Martin 1738, Accord Royal and Remy Martin XO Excellence.

Rooted in Exception aims to educate and transform consumers into aficionados with Remy Martin’s unique and uncompromising brand history exemplified with these 6 core pillars:

1724 marked the beginning of Rémy Martin, the only major cognac house to have been founded by a winegrower.

Rémy Martin has been a family business for three centuries, run by two families who share the same values: the Rémy Martin and the Hériard Dubreuil.

To craft its cognacs, Rémy Martin has made the radical choice of specializing in Cognac Fine Champagne in 1948. This means using grapes only from Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne, the two most sought after growing areas of the region, which chalky soils grow the most aromatic grapes.

Rémy Martin already understood the magical effects of time: how a company, just like a spirit,  can develop and grow finer with age.

Rémy Martin believes in entrepreneurship and in the talent of people, as it believes in the talent of nature

Rémy Martin has a signature cognac style based on harmony thanks to the traditional use of distillation on the lees – with the residual yeast – in small copper stills.

“From our winegrowing origins, our family legacy, our choice of Fine Champagne, our trust in the power of time and people’s talent, and our signature style based on harmony, we are rooted in exception. We chose to share this manifesto globally as a statement of Remy Martin’s superiority especially for those who may not have a full awareness of our legacy both past and present,” says Alvin Saal, Remy Martin’s Marketing Manager for the Africa & Indian Ocean region.

The Rooted in Exception film allows consumers an entertaining yet educational opportunity to visually experience the manifesto.

“Rémy Martin is committed to bringing people together for exceptional moments of sharing and celebration.  By educating consumers about the values and superiority of our brand, we welcome them to be a part of our future and our global family,” adds Saal.



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