Visit Africa: Algeria projects tourism with Aqua Palm’s oasis of happiness

Visit Africa: Algeria projects tourism with Aqua Palm's oasis of happinessThe French Ministry of foreign affairs in Algeria, the largest country in the continent of Africa, believes they have a diverse landscape and lots to offer travellers.  The Ministry who recently removed the northern and central parts of the country from its danger zones list is hoping to welcome visitors.

This to Netbuzz Africa Travel is just a perfect timing as the Biskra province has giving birth to yet an ambitious tourism and leisure complex, with a 22 acres wide water park that’s already open for business since 2017.

Covering 9 hectares, Aqua Palm offers unlimited possibilities on the commercial and corporate event organization. The centre hopes to be opened for entertainment as well in the coming years.

Aqua Palm is currently the largest aquapark in Algeria, and certainly one of the biggest in Africa and around the Mediterranean. First tourist resort Recreational Infrastructure Gardens of Zibans, Aqua Palm is dedicated to water activities.

The are several attractions in the country however the main is the Saharan region where the never-ending sand and the mysterious and lively cities are enough to indulge even the most seasoned traveller’s imagination. Aqua Palm is the second most promising site to explore when you Visit Africa.


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