PJ Washington’s ex: Brittany Renner is broke after breakup

Brittany RennerIt comes as a surprise that the model and author, who boasts over 4.6 million followers on Instagram, is unable to financially support herself. PJ Washington‘s ex Brittany Renner has secured various brand sponsorships following her social media growth. She also released her debut novel Judge This Cover, which would make one think she has an extensive financial profile.

According to Married Biography, Brittany Renner’s net worth is $500,000 this year. She also reportedly charged $50,000 per sponsored Instagram post.

While opening up about her financial struggles following her breakup from Hornets star PJ Washington, she shared that:

“Can you imagine being 29 years old with a baby living back with your parent because you were kicked out of your house (I left willingly because I go where I’m celebrated not tolerated) with nowhere to go without a vehicle?” Can you imagine NOT being mentally/physically/emotionally ready to get back in the gym let alone host a club after just having a baby but you have to work to take care of your child?”

The new mother also mentioned that she was not receiving the rumoured child support amount. She said- “IDK WHY ANYONE IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD BELIEVE SUCH A RIDICULOUS AMOUNT BUT IT’S CLEAR THE REAL PANDEMIC IS HOW STUPID PEOPLE ARE”

Brittany Renner stated in her video that she was “moving into my new place.” Renner added:

“Y’all…when I tell you…I have been thuggin’. Been living with my mom and my sister — me, my mom, my sister, my baby — I mean because two and a half months [ago], I decided to leave. My baby was two and a half months old — I didn’t have anywhere to go. I didn’t even have a car, I still don’t have a car…this has really been the hardest time of my life.”



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