Origin of the ‘Lori Iro’ hashtag trending ahead of Valentine

 ‘Lori Iro’ and ValentineValentine is around the bend so it isn’t new to see odd hashtags moving via web-based media as of now.

From the closefisted “Stingy Men Association’ to ‘Olosho’, the Nigerian web-based media space is truly humming with engaging hashtags during this period on social media.

The most recent hashtag starting this week is ‘Lori Iro’ and the pattern is presently fanning out quickly on both Twitter and Instagram.

The Origin and Meaning of Lori Iro

‘Lori Iro’ is a Yoruba expression that in a real sense means “on top lies” in English.

It is a play word portraying the unforgiving real factors of the present connections. The pattern originally began from a video of an alleged prophet utilizing the term in his church proclaimings.

Here is the first ‘Lori Iro’ video:

The term portrays the numerous incredible untruths sweethearts generally tell to partners they’re seeing. Each one of those “you are the sugar in my tea” sort of untruths.

Truth be told, social media users have discovered the term additionally applies to a few different parts of human living separated from connections and dating.


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