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Moesha Budoung and Dotty Lana share a passionate kiss – Video

Moesha Budoung and Dotty Lana share a passionate kiss - VideoThese two Ghanaian socialites decided to shift the attention from Shatta Michy-Dotty Lana and to draw the crowd, they have exposed their shameless and perhaps “whorishly” lifestyle.

The drama isn’t even enough to bid 2017 farewell!

Hajia4Real’s Christmas party, ‘Global Wave’, came off at the Club Onyx last Tuesday, December 26, and it was reported a fight broke between Shatta Wale’s Baby Mama Shatta Michy.

Someone got jealous and that probably started the fight. In the footage that went viral, we also saw Shatta Michy sharing a passionate kiss with her rumoured bisexual girlfriend who is yet to be identified.

Ms Michy later bragged about sleeping with Dotty Lana, making her scream on top and even squirming when Dotty threw some jabs at her after the incident.

Dotty Lana after being sacked from the event appeared on her popular snapchat account to narrate the ordeal adding that “Shatta Michy is an ‘ass-kisser’ and Mona (Hajia4real) is no saint.”

It seems Dotty is up to something or is yet to give up on the issue as spots her with a gun after sharing a passionate kiss with another socialite cum actress Moesha Budoung in another club.

Quite interesting to note that, Moesha was initially siding with the Michys at Global Wave after the incident until now.

Check out the video of Moesha kissing Dotty Lana below.




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