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Miss Ghana Pimping Claims Not True- Afua Asieduwaa

Miss Ghana Pimping Claims Not True- Afua AsieduwaaMiss Ghana 2015 runner-up Afua Asieduwaa Akrofi has rubbished allegations that she and other queens were pimped to sponsors to raise funds for the Miss Ghana organisation.

“There was no day we were pimped to somebody or we sent to a sponsor of the Miss Ghana brand to do anything sex-related for money,” she told NEWS-ONE in an exclusive interview.

She is the second queen to deny pimping allegations that hit Miss Ghana brand late December 2017.

Three queens, including Stephanie Karikari (Miss Ghana 2010), Antoinette Delali Kemavor (Miss Ghana 2015) and Giuseppina Nana Akua Baafi (Miss Ghana 2013), in what some described as a ploy to soil the Miss Ghana brand, alleged that Inna Patty, CEO of Exclusive Events, organisers of the pageant, had tried to pimp them to raise money to support the pageant.

Miss Ghana 2015 Anoinette Delali Kemavor, in an audio published by, insinuated that Rebecca Asamoah and Afua Asieduwaa, who were her runner-ups, may have been pimped by Inna Patty.

“I think my time the pimping was not that great. It was on the low. She didn’t like me anyway. She likes my runner-ups better. She always used to compare me to them and one day I got angry I asked her why is it that you crowned me when you like Rebecca because she always say Rebecca is getting deals and Afua too is getting deals and I’m not getting deals. I have no idea how they get their deals, I can only imagine,” Antoinette said while she laughed.

But Afua described the allegation by Delali as cruel and targeted at soiling the Miss Ghana brand which gave her and other queens the platform to touch the lives of the underprivileged in society. She said the allegations made by Delali were not true, suggesting she was lazy while she worked under the Miss Ghana 2015.

“We were getting sponsorships because of our dedication to hard work by waking up early in the morning to go for meetings and putting our passion out there and encouraging sponsors to support Miss Ghana projects that will empower the less-privileged. That was our goal as Miss Ghana queens.”

“Miss Inna Patty never sent us out for pimping and so to come out and insinuate that that was what was arranged for you, I believe, is very cruel on her part and it is very sad. We were together as one big family in the office. She saw everybody’s effort,” she said.

Afua believes that someone is using the queens to destroy the Miss Ghana brand. She alleged that she received a call from, the website that broke the news about the alleged pimping, to find out if she was pimped by Miss Ghana organisation. She told the reporter she wasn’t pimped and explained how she worked under the Miss Ghana brand but her side of the story was never published.

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