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Manchester v PSG clash: Kenyan man offered his wife as bet

Manchester v PSG clashFootball fans across the world worship their teams literally and can do anything to see their favourite teams win matches and trophies.

The UEFA Champions League, one of the most watched competitions league matches in the world and the action did not disappoint last Wednesday when Manchester United clashed with PSG.

A Kenyan diehard Manchester United fan sent social media into frenzy when he offered his wife as his possible bet against United and Paris Saint Germain.

Moses Kamoet who backed his offer with a piece of noted indicated that she was not under any influence aside his strong believe that his beloved team Manchester United will emerge winners at the end.

In a note sited by NetbuzzAfrica.com, Moses writes:

“I Moses Kamoet Kimeto solemnly swear that should PSG win against Man United in UEFA Champions League, that I will voluntarily give my wife to Brian Kiprotich for one week. I was not under any influence to come to this decision.”United went into the match with almost zero chances of progressing but did the unexpected by edging out their opponents courtesy of a brace by Romelu Lukaku and a stoppage-time penalty by Marcus Rashford. United were without a host of regular starters and played a makeshift midfield that was, in all honesty, overrun by the French champions.

The game which was globally monitored went deep into stoppage time but after the final whistle, it was jubilation for Man Utd fans around the world and despair for PSG.

The winner of the UEFA Champions League qualifies for the UEFA Super Cup and the FIFA Club World Cup.



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