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Angry mother shaves daughter with kitchen knife

Angry mother shaves daughter with kitchen knifeA 36-year-old mother used a knife to shave the hair of her teen daughter whose mistake was playing with her peers for “too long.”

Diana Ochieng’, was accused of beating and cutting her hair using kitchen knife on February 24 at her house in Nairobi’s Umoja.

Police revealed that, the minor had gone to a salon to have her hair washed and conditioned before joining her friends to play till late into the evening.

“On returning home, the mother locked the house and assaulted her before reaching for a knife that she used to shave some of her daughter’s hair as punishment,” police statement confirms. The statement goes on to add that: “The accused later scalded the minor with hot water forcing her to scream for help.”

According to the investigating officer, the accused stayed long with the minor in the house after she realized that she had inflicted her with soft tissue injuries.

Ms Ochieng’, however, denied the charge of subjecting her daughter to cruelty asking the court to release her on favourable bond terms since she had a small child to take care of.

This, however, did not go well with the prosecution, which asked that the woman was to be remanded until her child testified against her.


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