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Ghanaians are cheap – Mensa Otabil

Ghanaians are cheap – Mensa OtabilFounder and General Overseer of the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC) Pastor Mensa Otabil has described as unfortunate Ghanaian’s unwillingness to outgrow outmoded taste and preferences that according to him have kept the country from progressing.

The outspoken pastor, who has over the years remained on the country’s Most Influential List maintains, Ghana and to a larger extent Africa will continue to be at the receiving end of inferior products, if citizens refuse to demand for quality.

Speaking at the “2018 Springboard Global Convocation” held in Accra Saturday, Dr. Otabil said it was easier for suppliers to be blamed when the responsibility lies on the buyers to reject substandard products and force suppliers to set up their game.

“If the people receiving don’t mind what they receive, then the people giving won’t mind what they give. If you see a lot of cheap products in Ghana, then it’s because Ghanaians are cheap. Over the years, there hasn’t been much change in our movie industry, this is simply because there hasn’t been a change in our movie preference.

You don’t need to work hard to please Ghanaians, every little effort is acceptable. We end up giving people who have done so little, titles they don’t deserve. Until our taste and standard change, the suppliers will never change. The people in the media giving us information will not change, our leaders will not change. We need to change so that transformation will happen.”

Commenting on the recent outrage with regards to some death prophecies given by some “self –acclaimed” men of God, Dr, Otabil said it was because Ghanaians have created a market for such news.

“If prophets continue to prophecy about death and more people entertain it, then it won’t stop. In life, you get what you expect. If they give and you reject it, they will stop.

It’s the law of economics. Demand meets supply. People go to churches to hear pastors say they are witches or a family member is a witch or something evil is going to happen, if they don’t hear that, then they tend to doubt that pastor. It has therefore made it easy for such things to be said.”

On his part, Rev. Albert Ocran urged the youth to combine good strategies with technology to help in wealth creation.

“Strategy involves planning and setting goals. It teaches you to organize yourself and to stay focus. While technology will help you to achieve those goals. When they are properly combined you will be able to create wealth.”

The event, which was under the theme: ‘Leveraging strategy and technology’ had ministers like Rev. Mrs. Patricia Sappor, Akesse Brempong, Mr. Eli Hini and Mrs. Comfort Ocran also imparting knowledge to the participants on how to develop personal growth.

It ended with some lucky individuals walking home with thousands of Ghana cedis and other amazing gifts from sponsors like MTN Ghana, Ecobank, FirstBanC, Enterprise Life, Personnel System and Databank.


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