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US-based Ghanaian Pastor Sylvester Ofori Fatally Shoots Wife

US-based Ghanaian Pastor Sylvester Ofori Fatally Shoots Wife

Pastor who calls himself ‘The Prophet’ fatally shoots wife at Orlando workplace, police say.

The suspect, a US-based Ghanaian Pastor identified as Sylvester Ofori has shot his wife Barbara Tommey dead.

The sad incident took place outside the 27-year-old woman’s workplace at the Navy Federal Credit Union near the Mall at Millenia in Orlando on Tuesday morning.

Barbara was shot by Sylvester, near the business’ front doors on the 4600 block of Gardens Park Boulevard just before 9 a.m., 8th September 2020,an Orlando Police Department spokesperson said.

Video surveillance shows Mr. Ofori not only shoot his wife but then stand over her body and put additional rounds into her head.

Ofori is pastor of the Floodgates of Heaven on Coburn Avenue in Orlando.

Tommey was pronounced dead at Orlando Regional Medical Center shortly after she arrived for medical attention.

After the shooting, police went to this apartment building on Raleigh Street where Ofori and Tommey had, at one point, lived together. Investigators said they brought the SWAT team and eventually found him in the home. Ofori, 35, was taken into custody at his apartment Tuesday evening, the OPD spokesperson said. He is being held at the Orange County Jail without bond on a charge of first-degree murder with a firearm.

According to insiders, Pastor Sylvester has been abusing his wife for a very long time. Due to his abuse, Barbara was persuaded by her family to leave him but Sylvester tracked her to her workplace where he finally shot her 7 times.

Before Tuesday’s unfortunate incident, Tommey and Ofori were getting a divorce. Court records also show that in 2016, Ofori was arrested for resisting an officer who responded to an argument between the two.


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