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EDULab Roadshow: TECHAiDE Technologies Impacts ICT Education In Ghana

EDULab Roadshow: TECHAiDE Technologies Impacts ICT Education In GhanaOn the 7th August 2017, leading ICT solutions in Education company, TECHAiDE, shall host their first conference at the British High Commission demonstrating their champion product EDULab, which is presently being rolled out in Primary & Junior High Schools throughout Accra.

TECHAiDE is a for-profit social enterprise technology company that addresses the development needs of citizens in a unique way. Their work impacts individuals, businesses, and communities as they provide appropriate ICT solutions to develop human capacity and unleash potential. TECHAiDE has three main products, PROLink, ASANKA and their champion product EDULab. EDULab is an educational resource designed to improve teaching and learning, especially in ICT, Science, English, Math, and testing for the BECE exams. It comprises of carefully selected, robust computer hardware and software that helps administrators, save time, increase student enrollment and reduces costs.

TECHAiDE has installed over 70+ EDULabs in every province throughout Ghana.

Since April 2017, TECHAiDE has been embarking on an EDULab Roadshow to over forty schools within Accra, introducing ICT Teachers, Headmasters and Proprietors on how EDULab works and how it can increase student performance, increase teacher’s effectiveness and make everyone’s job easier.

“We have gained a lot of insight and industry knowledge from our Roadshows. Because of this, we are very excited for the EDULab: Technologies that Impact Education Conference. We have received amazing support from our patrons and are looking forward to, hosting hundreds of Proprietors in Accra to provide insight on the future of ICT in Education, offer solutions to everyday educational problems, and discuss what actions Proprietors can take to be change-makers in the field of education,” stated Kafui Prebbie, CEO of TECHAiDE.



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