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Bishop Obinim operates with dwarfs not angels – Hare Krishna

Bishop Obinim operates with dwarfs not angels – Hare KrishnaThe Hare Krishna Movement in Ghana is warning that, Bishop Daniel Obinim is operating with ‘demons’.

The PRO for Hare Krishna says Obinim’s ‘Nimokafrim, Ay3t3fr3m’ are dwarfs and not angels as he claims. The Director of Communications for Hare Krishna Movement in Ghana, is warning those mocking self-acclaimed angel, Bishop Daniel Obinim to quit because he has the ability to change their destinies.

According to Jnana Chaksus Das, the founder and leader of International Godsway Church Obinim is operating with some “demons” and not the Holy Spirit.

The founder and leader of International Godsway Church was recently in the news for claiming that two of his ‘angels’ Nimokafrim and Ay3t3fr3m had wanted to punish some Ghanaian pastors on his behalf for talking evil about him, but he [Obinim], had to intervene and stop them.

Daniel Obinim who was recently spotted on a video speaking to his congregation, narrated that he was going to a meeting with his angel friends, Nimokafrim and Ay3t3fr3m when they revealed to him about their plans to punish the said Ghanaian pastors.

But he [Obinim], pleaded with them to abort their plans because he felt they were equally in the same ministry of God.

The self-styled Bishop added that he even told his wife about the spiritual encounter he claimed his friends belonged to the Cherubim and the Seraphim group of angels.

Daniel Obinim’s weird video account to his church members stunned many Ghanaians, where he was heavily mocked on various social media platforms.

However, the Communications Director of Hare Krishna, Jnana Chaksus Das in an interview with Adom FM disclosed that Bishop Obinim is using the name of God as a cover up for his evil deeds.

Mr Jnana Chaksus Das explained that, “Nimokafrim and Ay3t3fr3m are dwarfs with white beard and marble feet and not angels as Obinim claims.

Jnana Chaksus Das described as blasphemy Bishop Obinim’s assertion that he has seen God.

The Hare Krishna man buttressing his point with Exodus 33:20 and 1 Timothy 6:16 insisted that, ‘Moses saw God’s form, but didn’t see His full glory because no mortal man can see God and live,”


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