At age 29, I have slept with 24 men – Rosemond Brown

At age 29, I have slept with 24 men - Rosemond BrownFast rising actress and socialite Rosemond Brown also known as “Akuapem Poloo” has revealed she has slept with over 20 men ever since she became addicted to entertainment, specially, her drive to become an actress.

Rosemond claims she graduated from Senior High School (SHS) at age 16 and has been having sex. Sometimes protected sex.

She’s currently supported by a married man who many ghanaians may call a “Sugar Daddy” sponsoring her stay in Accra, one Agbe based in Suhum, Rashid is also mentioned as one of her several men while Emmanuel Narh who rents and sells cars as well veteran actors Fred Amugi and Prince Yawson (Waakye) among others fingered.

Speaking on the popular Delay show, the Suhum-raised actress claims she was brought from the slums of Suhum, a suburb in the Eastern  Region to Accra by her sugar daddy although she kept seeing another person and kept living with the same person.

Rosemond Brown revealed also that, she gave in to the sexual advances of Prince Yawson otherwise known as Waakye and Fred Amugi because they both promised to nurture her in her acting career but they both failed to fulfill their part of the bargain.

“At age 29, I have slept with 24 men aside those I have mentioned. They have helped me. All the men who come your way will not help you for free. I use protection during sexual escapes with them but not all the time”, she said in the interview.

Meanwhile, Prince Yawson and Fred Amugi have denied Rosemond’s allegations.



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