Amber Rose Debuts New Look, Shows Off Her Smaller Boobs


Amber Rose Debuts New Look, Shows Off Her Smaller BoobsAmber Rose is debuting a whole new look as she reveals a notably smaller boobs as she makes first appearance since undergoing breast reduction surgery to shrink her 36H bust.

The mother of one, 34, who announced in July 2017 that she was thinking about reducing the size of her breast since it gives her backache among other troubles especially affecting her dressing has shared photos of herself in a white crop top, high-waisted plaid pants and sporting bright aquamarine hair seems to be recovering after undergoing a breast surgery in the US.

The surgery was performed on January 17 by Dr. Garth Fisher in Beverly Hills.

She was finally wearing one of the “cute little shirts” she’d previously said she’d wanted to wear but couldn’t because she always needed a grandma bra to cover things up.

Amber Rose is pretty excited about her breast reduction surgery as she captions talks about it on her Instagram.

“I’m really scared and really excited at the same time,” she wrote in Instagram stories. Following her surgery, she gave fans an update on her health saying she was letting her hair grow out while she rested and recovered.

Amber Rose Debuts New Look, Shows Off Her Smaller Boobs“Look how much smaller they are!” Rose said, showing her pressure bandage-wrapped chest. “I really went down a lot. So I don’t know if you guys know, but I was like a 36H, I was really, really big, and I think now I might just be a D-cup, which is really small for me.”

“I’ve been online shopping, and getting my cute little shirts, and little strapless things, and I’m just so excited to actually be able to wear an outfit without a huge bra,” she said.

When we mentioned Ms Rose was debuting a whole new look, we didn’t mean only her boob! Along with her breast reduction surgery, Amber Rose also had her cellulite zapped.

“An update on my cellulite treatment that I got from Dr. Matlock; my legs are still really, really sore, my butt is really sore. The bruising and the swelling went down a lot, and once I feel up to moving around a bit more I’ll show you guys my legs and my butt,” she said on Instagram stories. “I’ll keep you guys posted, I love you guys.”

Check the video below to see cute “little-boobs’ Rose!


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