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Amber Rose Replaces Tattoo Of Wiz Khalifa On Her Body

  • – Although the former stripper took to social media on Monday, February 13, to clarify her relationship with the rapper, who she was spotted kissing on Saturday night it seems she has also given up on their love.

Amber Rose Replaces Tattoo Of Wiz Khalifa On Her BodyWhile there will be no love whatsoever, Amber continues to say they’re family. “I’m super sad and I would like to let my supporters know what’s going on in my life … Wiz and I are family and we will be family for the rest of our lives for Sebastian,” Rose, 33, said.

Apparently, Amber has moved on after years of waiting for a comeback of their love. She says she’s finally found love again and finally, it’s time to let go of Wiz Khalifa. and has covered a tattoo of his face on her arm with another random face

In a new photo, Amber was spotted with a new tattoo which has covered a tattoo of Wiz’s face on her arm.



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