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WhatsApp rolls out group video and voice calls

WhatsApp rolls out group video and voice callsWhatsApp is the most popular IP-based messaging app worldwide, but it still suffers from feature limitations.

The company has steadily increased the app’s feature set in the last few months, adding the ability to switch from a voice call to a video call in the middle of a call, new group features including user search and tools to catch up on messages.

It also has the ability for group administrators to block users from sending messages in a group, and a Mute shortcut button for WhatsApp notifications in Android.

A latest Whatsapp update allows users to engage even more in the groups in the form of a group video or voice calls.

If you’re on iOS or Android app, just update your WhatsApp and then enjoy the service.

To get connected, you’ll need to start a one-on-one voice or video call with a contact, and then tap the ‘add participant’ button at the top right of your screen.

I can readily see the practicality of this new feature among students, employees, employers, and families to effectively join the communication and sharing economy while benefiting from the end to end encryption security feature.

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