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TV3’s Natalie Fort addresses pregnancy rumours in new statement

TV3's Natalie Fort addresses pregnancy rumours in new statmentTV3’s Natalie Fort who appeared unperturbed about her pregnancy reports has finally disclosed in the latest statement that although she is focusing more on smiling, showing compassion while shunning judgment she is ready to deal with naysayers.

Fort, born Christened Natalie Ofosua Twum, has been accused of being pregnant for four men and faking a study leave amid other controversies surrounding her ‘pregnancy’ according to the Ghana Celebrities gossip website.

In an earlier photo she shared online, the Adesa We-based presenter was captured smiling together with her mother, and it was clear that she was not bothered about anything but her advisers have managed to pull her to come out with a statement explaining why reports making rounds should not be taken seriously.

Although the 24-year-old presenter failed to deny or confirm the allegation, she made it known to the public that she took a year leave without pay because her family could afford the expenses while she study.

The former beauty queen, Miss Princess of the World contestant and News anchor for TV3, Natalie Fort, has also served notice that she intends to pursue legal action against blogs that suggested that her year’s leave from broadcasting was because of an unplanned pregnancy.

“As has become necessary, I intend to pursue with legal action…”

“As is my nature,  private life is best maintained as such. Even where one’s professional life intersects with a public presence. However, when I chose to publicly announce my year’s leave, it was in cognisance of that intersection and recognising that I’ve humbly and speedily ascended to a point in my career where people “care’.

According to Ms Fort, her leave from her professional duties at TV3 have nothing to do with a supposed pregnancy but is due to a personal desire to further her education abroad while preparing for her upcoming nuptials.

Parts of her statement reads:

“On the morning of Tuesday 16 July 2019, I awoke to a long thread of messages with links and screenshots from presumably popular gossip websites (ghanaslayers.com:ghanacelebrities.com and others); on the alleged pregnancy of a particular Ghanaian celebrity and TV News Anchor; whose name is prefixed with the letter ‘Ns and in one report is subsequently referred to as ‘Natalia’ by an unknown source,” the statement said.

“Not only did I find this amusing, as my announced year’s leave has nothing to do with an impending pregnancy contrary to reports; but on a more pensive note, I found it grossly defamatory — to the speculated “N’-named individual, I or another ‘N’-named woman falling under the characteristics mentioned. I was also alarmed by the offhanded and unprofessional manner in which some journalists occasionally exercise their constitutional right to free speech, by inaccurately throwing in politicians for the sake of media traction”.

Ms Fort also said she does not object to the personal decisions people make to have affairs with married men but her upbringing, family values and professional ethics do not permit her to do the same.

“It would be amiss not to mention how absurd it is, that our culture seems to persist under the unfortunate presumption that a woman’s influence in any industry, must somehow be affiliated with or tainted by some degree of ‘looseness’ or professional misconduct on her part. Where they fail to aptly connect this woman to such behaviour, some media establishments speculatively construct uncorroborated connections.

“No objection to those who consent to sexual affairs with married men as the report suggests I did. Fortunately, my upbringing and family values do not coincide with such choices and neither do my professional ethics entertain sexual affairs with colleagues, regardless of how amicable.” Read the full statement below.TV3's Natalie Fort addresses pregnancy rumours in new statment



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