Trump approves Chloroquine as treatment for COVID-19 coronavirus

Trump approves Chloroquine as treatment for COVID-19 coronavirusThe President of United States of Amercia, Donald Trump, has made a public declaration that Chloroquine is the treatment for Corona Virus.

He made this known after the FDA approves it (Chloroquine) as a treatment for the global pandemic.

At a Thursday press briefing, chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine, drugs used to treat malaria and severe arthritis, were approved by the Food and Drug Administration to test as a COVID-19 coronavirus treatment, as the number of cases nationwide continues to increase.

  • The drugs will be used in a clinical trial, according to FDA commissioner Dr. Stephen Hahn, who spoke during the press briefing.
  • Trump also said that other antiviral medications will be fast-tracked for FDA approval.
  • “We will collect that data and make the absolute right decisions based upon those data about the safety and efficacy of the treatments,” said Hahn.
  • Trump also claimed that the White House has “slashed red tape” to speed up approval for vaccines and other treatments.
  • Trump added that the FDA approved “compassionate use” for a number of patients, which allows very ill patients to use drugs not yet approved by the agency for widespread use.

Crucial quote: “What’s also important is not to provide false hope,” said Hahn, who spoke after Trump, adding, “We may have the right drug, but it might not be in the appropriate dosage form right now, and it might do more harm than good.”

It was earlier said that Chloroquine was a viable treatment for coronavirus, but guess that wasn’t taken seriously then.

Meanwhile, China for the first time since the beginning of the outbreak, there have been 0 new cases in Wuhan and in the Hubei province, and no new and no existing suspected cases in Wuhan and in Hubei on Thursday.

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