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“Sey Your Mind” initiative to create awareness about modeling – Araba Sey

  • Ghanaian model, Araba Sey is about to launch the “Sey Your Mind” initiative to allow for the exchange of thoughts between models and the general public to create awareness about the modeling industry.

“Sey Your Mind” initiative to create awareness about modeling - Araba SeyAraba has been speaking her mind through weekly articles on activities that need to be done right for models to have a stress-free environment to work.

One of such articles where she expressed her feelings on how agencies should stop seeing models as sex tools, sparked major debate on few media platforms across the country.

Her latest initiative, “Sey Your Mind,” will ask stakeholders including – models, modelling agencies, photographers, bloggers/media among others questions to gather their perceptions and concerns about the modeling industry in Ghana and elsewhere.

Championing this course will afford young models in the country the chance to know what others think about the industry and whether it has a future or not. It will also provide room to bring on board problems that are confronting the industry and how to strategically place short and long term solutions in place to reduce the stress models are confronted with when chasing after their dreams.

With this forthcoming initiative, it will help models to make good living from the profession and give upcoming ones the chance to have more knowledge about the industry before making the final decision to join.
Whilst “Sey Your Mind” initiative will soon see the light of day, Araba Sey has more to unveil soon.



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