Olakunle Churchill is bisexual, an idiot – Tonto Dikeh

Nollywood star Tonto Dikeh is out with yet another allegation against her ex-husband as she claims Olakunle Churchill is bisexual.

While celebrating Mothers’ Day, Tonto Dikeh made a post on Instagram where she suggested she’s been a great mother to her child King Andre.

A commenter however urged her to acknowledge Olakunle Churchill, stressing that she was denying the son the right to the father.

“One mistake you’re making is trying to shun your son from his father,” she said. “You can’t do that forever, a time will come when he will not even need your advice to see his father.

“Stop hurting your son by denying him of the love of his father. If you love your son as a mother who genuinely love her son, then allow his father into his life once in a while.”The comment triggered a sharp rebuttal from Tonto Dikeh.

“Are you okay?” the actress fumed. “Why didn’t you ask the bisexual deadbeat father of my son why he couldn’t spare a minute to take pics with his 2nd born child? Or I’m American Embassy that denied him visa (due to fraud records) to come do photoshoot with his son! Just shut up your mouth.”

Tonto Dikeh further noted that she has the right to name her same ‘Dikeh’ because she has been taking care of him.

“I’m financially responsible for this boy so I will decide what name he answers,” she says. “The idiot can go to court if he wishes. This is my son and I will do whatever I damn please and not a single soul on earth born of a woman can do shit.”


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