Nigerians react to Linda Ikeji having a baby out of wedlock

Popular Nigerian blogger, Linda Ikeji has come under attack on social media after she finally opened up on her relationship with an oil magnate, Sholaye Jeremi who dumped her after impregnating her.

Reports had it that Ikeji had a relationship with Jeremi, adding that the oil magnate was responsible for the blogger’s son. She had, however, been silent about the claims.

However, the 38-year-old blogger, in a statement she personally signed yesterday, confirmed that Jeremi was the father of her son, Jayce.

In the statement, Ikeji also confirmed that the billionaire businessman dumped her after she got pregnant. She narrates the story below:

” By mid-2017, we were both still single and we started seeing each other again quietly. There were times it was very intense and we talked about a future together, and there were times that I couldn’t figure out what exactly I was doing with this guy. ” We were not suited for each other. Totally different lifestyles and there was the problem of my fame so I walked away from this man a million times and he came after me a million and one times. ” No matter how much I pushed him away, he kept coming back to me, because I couldn’t find anyone else, I kept going back. Lol! So I was basically going back to my ex because I couldn’t find anyone else,” she said. According to her, after she got pregnant everything became extremely weird between them.

“We went from talking about the pregnancy and being okay with it, to literally not talking to each other anymore.”

“When I was about three months pregnant, he did come to see my parents and actually became very cool with my dad. They were literally exchanging Whatsapp messages every day.”

“He later agreed to a traditional wedding which he didn’t follow through and then he switched. He began to treat me with so much hate and aggression that I and my family had to cut him off completely.”

“To be honest if anybody had told me when we met three years ago, considering how deeply we cared for each other that I would fall pregnant two years later and he would completely turn his back on me for most part of my pregnancy, I never would have believed it but that’s what happened. “I thought God sent him as my life partner but I guess he just used him as a vessel for my greatest blessing. Now his part in my story is over.This one is done and dusted,” she said.

Her recent revelation stirred divergent reactions from Nigerians criticizing her for having a baby out-of-wedlock despite her backlash at ‘Baby Mamas’.

The blogger in times past was quoted to have said she would never have a child out-of-wedlock and strongly kicked against the ‘Baby Mama’ trend.

Here are some comments gathered from Twitter:

@Officialdaddymo “After dragging baby mamas on her blog, Linda Ikeji now a baby mama. Life comes at you very fast, e no dey observe speed limit. Be careful when you criticize and mock others, you may find yourself in their shoes one day.”

@Oreofe_ok “I don’t care about her baby/ scandal-I just care that the woman is building an empire churning out billions. And she’s constantly expanding. Bro, Linda Ikeji will always be inspiring to me.”

@Ogbenidipo “If this happened to someone else, Linda Ikeji will twist and turn the whole story. Now she’s adding lol to all her sentences. See life.”

@Is_salsu “My problem with Linda Ikeji is this Holier than thou attitude.From talking about celibacy to getting pregnant.From mocking a baby mama to becoming a baby mama.

“From saying she will never sleep with a married man, to maybe ending up as 2nd wife. She needs to chill.”

@IamBussmarn “Linda Ikeji is always mocking baby mamas and now she has joined the league of baby mamas.”

@Precious_Chee “Don’t throw stones in a glass house, sometimes you’d turn what you criticize. I don’t know why Linda Ikeji is giving us tales by moonlight, You’re a BABYMAMA period.”

@Odineisipatrick “Sadly, I am one person whom Linda Ikeji can never do wrong in his eyes no matter what is said about he

@Tonyy_Godsent “I really felt for Linda Ikeji. Believe me, what happened to her can happen to anyone else. Let’s be realistic, she never planned it. And one thing I see that pushed her was her ticking time…let’s not crucify her, please.”

@Saintlummy “Don’t understand why you all dragging Linda Ikeji. She didn’t force you to believe her or hold her to any high moral class. She preached her opinions like every human but you were gullible to see her as better or more knowledgeable than you. She didn’t force any of you. Get a life!

@ComehomeTj “What did I learn from Linda Ikeji recent story? (1) Never criticize fellow human being because you may found yourself in their shoes one day. (2) Whatever life throws at you, take it in good faith. (3) Nobody is above mistake or a test of time.

@Lil_hos “Linda Ikeji spent most of her blogging days slandering and castigating “Baby Mamas” until she tragically became one herself, now all she does is try to control the damage. Moral: be careful who you mock or laugh at, you don’t know how they got in that situation, Karma is Real!

@Ani_nomso “It’s easy to mock someone’s condition, laugh at them until life humbles you & makes you your old jokes. Linda Ikeji mocked baby mamas but she is now a baby mama writing long epistles. Guess being a baby mama is not worth mocking anymore.”

“Linda Ikeji is the typical self-acclaim righteous and decent people….bring others down and pretend to be the good person while they do worse behind a closed door. She deserves all the dragging she’s getting,hypocrite.”


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