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My child recovered from Covid-19 through ‘steam inhalation’ – President John Magufuli

John Magufuli

Tanzanian President, John Magufuli has revealed that his child contracted Covid-19 but has now recovered and is doing well.

Speaking at a church service in his hometown, Chato, north-west of Tanzania, President Magufuli said his child who has recovered is now “doing push-ups”.

According to him the child made a recovery by adopting regimen of self-isolation, steam inhalation, and lemon and ginger juice.

But the acclaimed recovery regiment is yet to be confirmed as effective for the treatment of covid-19.

Magufuli has also been reacting to claims by the United States government that hospitals in Tanzania are overwhelmed.

He claims there is a “sharp decline” in the number of coronavirus patients, adding that “God has answered your prayers.”

“The way I see this trend, if the week beginning from tomorrow continues like this, I plan to open places of higher education so that our students can continue with their studies,” he said to the church.

Tanzania has come under criticisms from the World Health Organization for its handling of current coronavirus pandemic.

The WHO is unhappy with the measures being rolled out and lack of transparency as the rate of infection continues to increase in the country.

Tanzania has not restricted movement of citizens but large public gatherings have been banned and schools and universities closed.

Markets remain open likewise churches and mosques as President John Magufuli claims the coronavirus cannot harm the bodies of worshippers.

He has also been at the fore front of patronizing herbal remedy from Madagascar to treat some patients.

Tanzania has recorded 509 coronavirus cases with 21 deaths and 167 recoveries so far.


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