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Musician Castro and Janet Bandu’s Dead Body Found

  • – The Discovery of the remains of a male adult in a state of decomposition along the Sakumono beach near Tema last three year heightened hopes that they could be those of the hip-life musician, Theophilus Tagoe, aka Castro and Janet Bandu.

Musician Castro and Janet Bandu's Dead Body FoundIt was a discovery which fuelled speculations as to whether the body was that of Castro and it gave high hopes to the family and friends of Janet Bandu as well because she was also close to being found…

Even before a proper identification of the corpse could be made, news went round that Castro’s body had been discovered. Years after that tragic incident on July 6, 2014, Castro has still not been found but according to an experienced diver, Samuel Odartey Lamptey he has finally found the body!

In an interview with Broadcaster Kofi Adomah, the diver Mr. Samuel Odartey Lamptey has revealed that Asamoah Gyan, Captain of the Black Stars who was with Castro at the resort before he got missing, asked him to help find Castro, two days after the incident and he found them deep down the Volta River estuary in Ada after he had spent four days in search of the bodies.

According to Mr. Odartey Lamptey, he has been retrieving bodies that drown in water bodies for a longer period.

“It was two days after they got missing that Asamoah Gyan sent someone to come and call me to search for Castro and I agreed to go and help them. Even though it was in the evening I went to search for them immediately. They rented a canoe for me and I set off. I found them under the water after about four days,” he told Kofi Adomah on Kofi TV.

“I was paid Ghc 25 thousand cedis to retrieve the missing bodies after two days. I believe I would have been able to bring the bodies if I was contacted earlier, the day of the incident to be precise.”

He explained he was not able to touch the bodies because a big snake believed to be the river god was lying by the two bodies.

“When I tried to touch the bodies, a big snake appeared and warned me not to touch them. So I asked what I could do and I was told there was the need for some rituals to be performed.”

“I saw their dead bodies lying beneath the river. They are becoming waste and Janet’s private part was oozing blood.”

He said to get Castro’s body back there’s a need to have some rituals performed for both of them but when he told Asamoah Gyan he said his concern was Castro and not Janet because he did not know her.

“Castro’s body can be retrieved from the snake but both of them needs a special ritual to bring them back. I told Asamoah Gyan about this situation and he said he only had money to perform rituals for Castro and not Janet since she’s a total Stranger.”

“Janet is not a god or marmaid as many have said. She’s a Muslim.”

Mr. Lamptey, however, stated that Castro died because he defied earlier cautions given him by the river gods not to come to the place.

The two, Castro and Janet Bandu had been seen skiing without life jackets at Aqua Safari in Ada in 2014. It is believed they fell in the Ada lake, near the estuary.

It is also believed that when someone drowns in any water body, the dead body should be washed back to the banks after three days. Their case is a bizarre one and miseries to all Ghanaians. After Castro’s disappearance, some have said they had seen him in Togo. Others say he has been hiding in Takoradi, while some believe he is dead.

Meanwhile, after Castro’s disappearance, some have said they had seen him in Togo. Others say he has been hiding in Takoradi, while some believe he is dead.



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