Mrs Minnesota 2019 not related to Asian officer involved in George Floyd’s death

Kellie Chauvin and Tou ThaoShe was Kellie May Xiong residing in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, United States before becoming Kellie ChauvinUnited States Of America’s Mrs. Minnesota 2019.

People became curious about Kellie when her soon-to-be ex-husband Derek Michael Chauvin was involved in the deadly arrest of George Floyd.

Since George Floyd’s protest in US, Tou Thao, the Asian ex-officer on the scene of the now-infamous arrest of Floyd has been linked to be a relate of Mrs Kellie Chauvin, Mrs. Minnesota 2019.

There had been rampant online speculation that Kellie Chauvin was the sister of Thao, but according to an Associated Press report, that’s simply not the case.

“Tou Thao is NOT Ms. Chauvin’s brother. I would GREATLY appreciate help putting that rumor to rest,” Amanda Mason-Sekula, her divorce lawyer, said in an email. “Her family has been harassed and threatened based on multiple incorrect reports.”

The interesting reality is that Kellie Chauvin does have a brother and he’s a police officer, but it’s not Thao. Her brother is a cop in St. Paul, said Mason-Sekula. She also noted that her brother was not involved in any aspect of Floyd’s death

George FloydGeorge Floyd and Mrs. Minnesota 2019 both had counterfeit bill problem

Living in Eau Claire, Kellie was charged with writing a bad $42 cheque in February 2005 and by July 2005, she had not paid the owed money despite numerous letters sent to her home, Daily Mail reports. A criminal case was filed against her in Wisconsin but she eventually paid the money so the case was dismissed.

On May 25, 2020, an employee at Cup Foods at 3759 Chicago Avenue in Minneapolis called the Minneapolis Police Department to report a customer who was trying to pay with a counterfeit $20 bill. Kellie’s husband Derek was one of the four cops who responded and he was caught on tape kneeling on the neck of Floyd, who matched the suspect’ descriptions, for a total of 8 minutes and 46 seconds.

Floyd was pronounced dead at the Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis almost an hour and a half after the deadly arrest. It was the same hospital where Kellie and Derek met a decade ago.

Kellie ChauvinHow Kellie and Derek met

Working for Minneapolis Police Department, Derek spotted Kellie at the Hennepin County Medical Center when he brought a crime suspect there for a health check before arrest. She was an employee of the hospital at the time.

Enamored, Derek went back to the hospital and asked Kellie out. In 2010, they got married.

It was not Kellie’s first marriage. In 1991, she was married off by her parents to Kujay Xiong, a man she barely knew who became a husband who would abuse her for 10 years.

In 2001, Kellie filed for a divorce and Kujay died shortly after. From Eau Claire, she moved to Oakdale, Minnesota, which she represented when she competed and won in the 2018 edition of United States of America’s Mrs. Minnesota.

Derek has been arrested for the death of Floyd. Kellie has filed for divorce and has expressed her condolences to the family of the victim.


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