Mother of George Floyd’s daughter wants Justice

Roxie WashingtonA distraught ex wife of the late George Floyd, Roxie Washington told reporters their young daughter “needs her dad”.

The mother of George Floyd’s 6-year-old daughter is calling for justice over his death.

With her tearful girl, Gianna, clinging to her, Roxie Washington added she want justice for him because he was good.

“I want justice for him because he was good, no matter what anybody thinks,” Roxie Washington told reporters at a press conference in Minneapolis on Tuesday.

“He was good and this is the proof that he was a good man,” she added, pointing at their daughter Gianna.

Washington said Floyd had moved from Texas to Minneapolis looking for a better life. Even from afar, she said, Floyd was supportive of their daughter and would always talk about taking care of her.

When Washington first learned about Floyd’s passing, she told CNN that she didn’t know how to tell Gianna.

But soon Gianna asked why people on TV kept saying her dad’s name. Then, she wanted to know how Floyd had died.

“The only thing I could tell her is he couldn’t breathe,” Washington told CNN.

Who is George Floyd’s ex-partner Roxie Washington?

Roxie Washington

Roxie Washington, 38, is a former partner of George Floyd – the 46-year-old black man who died on Memorial Day after a white cop knelt on his neck for nearly nine minutes.

She told the Houston Chronicle that athletic George, who was a top football player for his Texas high school team, was a “gentle giant”.

Washington added: “People mistake him because he was so big that they thought he was always a fighting person – but he was a loving person.”

Describing him as a family man, she said the way he died was “cruel. They [cops] took him away from his daughter.

“She’ll never see her father again.”

Gianna Floyd lives with her mother in his former hometown of Houston.

George Floyd with baby Gianna
Roxie shared pics of a proud George with baby Gianna

George’s death has also left his other kids fatherless.

KBTX reported that Quincy Mason Floyd and Connie Mason attended a Black Lives Matter demo on May 31 in Bryan, Texas.

Quincy told the station it wasn’t until after Memorial Day that he heard the news of his dad’s death in police custody.

He said: “I didn’t recognise who it was until mom called and told me.

“She said, ‘do you know who that guy was?’ I said ‘no’. She said, ‘that’s your father’.”

Connie added: “My dad is in peace and we have to be the ones to deal with all this stress.

“It’s going to be tough to get over this day-by-day.”


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