Mr Macaroni, Dr Pam Pam, Others for The Viral Economy Conference

New Media Conference Set to Hold 7th Edition Themed “The Viral Economy”

Mr Macaroni, Dr Pam Pam, Others for “The Viral Economy” ConferenceNigeria’s leading digital media conference, the New Media Conference, is set to hold the much-anticipated seventh edition, themed “The Viral Economy”, bringing together experts and decision-makers across sectors to explore opportunities and elevate standards within the digital media space.

The conference which is the seventh (7th) edition will hold in Lagos at the British Council Nigeria office on Saturday, October 29, 2022, with attendees from across the continent. The 2022 edition will focus on firmer grounds and new frontiers in a post-pandemic era characterized by the Metaverse, Digital currencies, Artificial Intelligence, and Information flow at the speed of thought.

Mr Macaroni, Dr Pam Pam, Others for “The Viral Economy” Conference“The world today is more digitalized than has ever been in human history and this has revolutionized communication and many facets of life,” said Oluwatosin Ajibade, Founder/Convener, of NMC. “Understanding what the Viral Economy is, the opportunities and challenges it presents for all, and how to position within the space is imperative.”

According to Ajibade, the Viral Economy – the sum of value created by leveraging wide-reaching digital platforms and information technology – presents a unique opportunity for profitable participation in a globalized world. Furthermore, she added that viral digital platforms and technologies are already changing the face of advertising, marketing and sales, content-creation, entertainment, arts, finance, travel, advocacy, politics and governance, and many other sectors.

Mr Macaroni, Dr Pam Pam, Others for “The Viral Economy” ConferenceThe one-day conference will be headlined by industry practitioners and thought leaders including Oluwatosin Olaseinde, Founder/CEO of Money Africa and Ladda; Ayo Akinola, Tech and Life Guru and co-founder of Piggyvest, Patronize and PocketApp; Pamilerin “Dr. Pam Pam” Adegoke, PR and digital strategist; Anto Lecky “Anto”, Educator, Entertainer and Entrepreneur; Debo Adedayo “Mr. Macaroni”, thespian and activist; Jennifer Ukoh-Osamwonyi, PR Showmax Nigeria;  Noble Igwe, Fashion guru, and Tosin Style Infidel “fashion industry influencer, among others. The conference will be hosted by Isabella Adediji, the founder of Yellow Tamarind Productions, a media, and PR company based in Lagos.

At the event, the experts will expand the conversations around digital media and the Viral Economy, applying insights to the different sectors of the Nigerian economy. The event will also present participants with the opportunity for networking and collaboration.

Mr Macaroni, Dr Pam Pam, Others for “The Viral Economy” ConferenceThe event is powered by OSG Media and supported by the British Council. Media partners for the event are News Central TV, Goldmyne TV and Media Room Hub. Attendance is free and newmediaconference.ng should be visited for more information and registration.


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