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Harley Reed Business Readiness Program Visits Strathmore University

The African procurement and supply leader has changed the narrative for students competing in the "Shift to Connect" competition at Kenya's premier university.

Harley Reed Business Readiness ProgramHarley Reed has collaborated with Strathmore University in Kenya to provide its students with a Business Readiness Program that extends professional development beyond the school’s curriculum.

The well-designed Business Readiness Program from Harley Reed aims to prepare tertiary students who are about to graduate or have already graduated to not just survive but succeed in today’s dynamic industry. It also helps to provide a firm basis for young professionals across the African continent.

Harley Reed Business Readiness Program
From the extreme right to left; Clive Asande (Business Development Manager, SBS Executive Education), Mercy Muchiri (Business Development Manager, Harley Reed Kenya), Josephat Ngesah (Country Program Manager-Lead Consultant, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation), Dr. David Chiawo (Dean, School of Tourism and Hospitality, Strathmore University), Dr. Vincent Ogutu (Vice Chancellor, Strathmore University)

Strathmore University in Kenya recently organized a “Shift to Connect” Competition, challenging students to develop business concepts to ensure sustainability in agribusiness by using supply chain architecture as a business model guide. Harley Reed is proud to have trained one of the top three (3) candidates for the competition.

Developing good supply chain management is critical to sustaining smooth corporate operations, particularly in these changing times. With supply chains growing more complicated and interdependent, decision-makers are continuously seeking for ways to stay competitive, which is how Harley Reed, a leader in procurement and supply, transformed the narrative for students competing in the “Shift to Connect” competition last week, October 14.

Harley Reed Business Readiness ProgramHarley Reed’s Business Readiness Program for Strathmore University included rigorous training for students in effective communication and presentation skills, as well as delivering supply chain experts to mentor and review the top teams as they prepared to submit their business ideas to industry experts for evaluation.

The “Shift to Connect” competition concluded with Agritrack, Sustainability Strivers and The Collectives emerging as the top three winners. The winners received cash prices from the school, gift hampers and medals. The top three (3) winners also received bursaries to study CILT as they start their professional journey.

Harley Reed Business Readiness Program
Mercy Muchiri presenting a medal

Mercy Muchiri, the Business Development Manager for Harley Reed Kenya, presented medals together with the other guest speakers and the VC of Strathmore University.

Harley Reed

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