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A Day With Yinka Fabayo of Genesis Art Gallery, Nigeria

Yinka Fabayo Genesis Art Gallery NigeriaThe contemporary art scene in Africa is dynamic and diverse, teeming with extraordinary talented and passionate artists using their work to reflect the continent’s cultural diversity, natural beauty, and long history.

Although formal exhibition spaces remain limited in many African countries, there are a growing number of exceptional independent art galleries across the continent promoting and exhibiting the best of African contemporary art.

Yinka Fabayo, the owner of the Genesis Art Gallery in Osogbo, Osun State in Nigeria needs no special introduction as he describes himself as an unrepentant and uncompromising advocate of artistic, cultural, and social activism in his community.

His art gallery which occupies a three-story building was built out of love and passion for African arts, culture, and people. The gallery is adorned with his different works from the ground floor to the last floor.

Yinka’s work is a blend of contemporary and Osogbo school of art which is globally accepted. We explore his gallery, one of the best galleries in Nigeria.


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