Legalize Payola to boost Ghanaian music – Gospel Musician

Legalize Payola to boost Ghanaian music – Gospel MusicianLondon based Gospel musician Ohenewaa Agyemang has said that it will be more beneficial if “Payola” is officially legalized.

Ohenewaa Agyemang made this pronouncement when she was unveiling her third album titled “Ebenezer”.

Speaking to Attractivemustapha.com , she said that is not against the Bible to take Payola or pay Payola to any DJ, because that is their job and they must benefit from the work they do.

She continued that it is because the Ghanaian music industry is not well organized to give the needed royalties to artistes and remunerate the DJs properly that is why they tend to extort money from artistes.

She added that in Europe if you are a musician and you produce your own songs you are being paid before the music will even be played on air but in Ghana the musician must rather pay the DJ before they will play your music.

“That is the system in Ghana and I think we have to officially admit it so musicians can really budget well for DJs because if you don’t pay your songs will not go anywhere “, Ohenewaa Agyemang said.

 By Attractivemustapha


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