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Kenyan families to sue Ethiopian Airlines

Families of Kenyans who died on an Ethiopian Airlines flight last month say they will sue the airline and US aircraft manufacturer Boeing over the deaths.

The families of those who died say the aircraft manufacturer Boeing and the airline should bear the responsibility for the deaths of their loved ones.

They say that initial reports show the Boeing 737 Max 8 had design faults that could have led to the crash.

The families are being represented by a group of lawyers from Kenya and the US.

The attorneys say they are confident of winning the case, which they will file in the US.

The family of a Rwandan national who died in the crash has already filed a lawsuit in a US court, alleging that the Boeing 737 Max 8 plane design is defective.

This comes as more details emerged of the final moments of the flight.

We reported earlier that the Wall Street Journal quoted unnamed sources that indicated the pilots initially took the emergency steps outlined by the manufacturer but still could not regain control.

Last week, Boeing gathered hundreds of pilots and reporters for a presentation on proposed changes to the model, which mean the system no longer repeatedly makes corrections when pilots try to regain control of the plane, reports AFP news agency.

But Boeing has said that the upgrade was not an admission that the system had caused the crash.

Ethiopian Airlines have not yet commented on the families suing them but has promised to make a statement on Thursday.

Ethiopian investigators are still to release their preliminary report into the accident.


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