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I will retrieve all my money invested in NPP – Kennedy Agyepong

I will retrieve all my money invested in NPP - Kennedy AgyepongNew Patriotic Party (NPP) firebrand, Kennedy Agyepong has disclosed that he is poised to retrieve up to the last penny he invested in the party prior to the 2016 elections.

“General I won’t stop talking today or tomorrow. All my money I invested in the party, I must get it back. The boys and the girls….the youth of this country I promised jobs I will fight for them till I die. If it is your plan to collapse the business because I am criticizing the party over current happenings then I am prepared for it”, he said.

“Today Nigerians are getting jobs at the expense me of Kennedy Agyepong. I will talk ….I am not scared of anybody because my money that I have put in this party…..they should tell me. They sit there and we go look for money and bring into the party…that is the difference. Today if you can call Nigerians and NDC members and give then contracts against me Kennedy Agyepong….. They award contracts worth 150 million Euros to Nigerians and NDC…..I have evidence and if I am dared I will mention names. Where is the Adom Fm reporter, he should record. I Kennedy Agyepong have said it that they are giving contracts to NDC members. Don’t give me signs to stop because when I was spending my cash you never gave me signs. If I want to reveal things about the party now you will leave for your home”, he disclosed.

He promised to continue championing the interest of the party’s youth irrespective of the current situation that has bedeviled the party.

“You be a little patient, I shall fight for you all till I die. He promised.



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