I had a busy 2018 that made me forget to marry – Delay

Television and radio personality, Deloris Frimpong Manso, best known as Delay has shared a reason why she couldn’t get married in said that 2018.

She sighted her busy lifestyle as the main reason she wasn’t able to tie the knot this year.

Married to her work? Ms Deloris has been able to stand her grounds this year to achieve greater milestones as compared to her earlier days where she allowed societal pressure to make her do so many thing she wasn’t ready for.

In 2016, the entertainment, personality and entrepreneur, Delay, took to her popular Instagram page to register her displeasure about the pressure and demand from a section of Ghanaians asking her to give birth because she is aging.

“Children are not commodities that are being sold at Kaneshie market but a gift from God in Heaven,” she captioned a photo.

While this year presents no other pressure but marriage, Delay is firm with her words once again assuring herself that a busy-working lifestyle is very productive than a being stifled by marriage.

In a recent Instagram post, she captions another photo “HAD A VERY BUSY 2018. I EVEN FORGOT TO GET MARRIED”.


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