I am not comfortable with LGBTQ+ – Haillie Sumney reveals

I am not comfortable with LGBTQ+ - Haillie Sumney revealsGhanaian television personality and actress, Haillie Sumney, has recently criticized celebrities who come on social media to fight and insult each other.
Haillie Sumney in a recent interview opined that she will prefer men over women any day, a comment suggesting she’s not in support of the LGBTQ+ and its debate in the country.
When asked if she prefers being “straight” or a “lesbian”, the actress did not hesitate to mention “straight” as her choice.
“Personally, straight. I am a woman and I like men, but I don’t judge. I won’t say I am comfortable with LGBTQ+ or not because I have gay friends and I don’t judge them. But if I have to ever choose to be gay or straight again, I will always go straight and I have never involved myself in a gay situation.
There was a time I cut my hair and I got lesbians to approach me”, she added.
Speaking about celebrity rants on social media, Haillie Sumney stated she finds it very unnecessary when Ghanaian ‘popular people’ come on social media to insult and also fight on social media.
She believes if people have issues, they should settle them off social media and not rant over issues on social media.

Haillie Sumney has been featured in several movies in Ghana and Nigeria and has a lot of awards. She represented Ghana as a Tv host at the BET Award 2019.



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