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Goldcoast Literacy Program Set To Improve Literacy In Ghana

Goldcoast Literacy ProgramGiving kids admittance to all assortments of literature is critical for their prosperity. Teachers, guardians, and local area individuals in Africa are assisting understudies with building up affection and energy for perusing.

Not exclusively is literature significant in creating psychological abilities to have the option to prevail in a school or work setting, yet it is important for different reasons too. Although there are incalculable qualities in presenting youngsters to literature, GoldCoast Literacy Program, a non-profit association in Ghana recognizes the estimation of literature for youngsters through the eyes of a kid.

The principal worth noting is that GoldCoast Literacy Program wants that each kid can appreciate and have a good time perusing in Ghana.

Goldcoast Literacy Program“We give promotion in help and preparing by drawing in the youngsters we work with inside and out to fortify them and give them the instruments they should have the option to adequately convey. We generally target kids in the rustic zones and the less favored across Ghana and it’s our drawn-out aspiration to fan out into Africa,” Daisy, Founder of GoldCoast Literacy Programs shares with NetbuzzAfrica.com.

Kids’ literature furnishes understudies with the chance to react to literature and build up their suppositions about the theme. This fortifies the intellectual formative space as it supports further contemplated literature. Quality literature doesn’t tell the peruser all he/she requires to know; it considers some distinction in assessment.

While set for getting out from under terrible perusing propensities by assisting with empowering and increment each kid’s capacity to compose a lot amazing English language in Ghana, GoldCoast Literacy Program (GCLP) is additionally expecting to give understanding books and stationaries to those in the provincial zones that are not sufficiently blessed to approach the fundamental things needed for noteworthy and powerful correspondence, appreciation, and explanation.

Goldcoast Literacy ProgramA year ago, Daisy Mina Antwi, Founder of GoldCoast Literacy Program (GCLP) was named a COVID-19 saint on the AfricanDream website for June 2020 after her donation works received worldwide attention.

Alongside her GoldCoast Literacy Program (GCLP) group, Daisy visited the roads of Accra all through Nzulenzu, to appropriate books while offering minutes to the youngsters in the area amid the pandemic.

Nzulezu is an Nzema word meaning ‘surface of water’. As a village, Nzulezu is located near the village of Beyin, 90 kilometers west of Takoradi, in the Jomoro District of the Western Region of Ghana. Nzulezu overlooks Lake Tadane and is entirely made up of stilts and platforms.

Goldcoast Literacy ProgramLiterature is significant because it furnishes understudies with freedoms to react to writing; it also gives understudies appreciation about their social legacy just like those of others while assisting understudies with creating passionate knowledge and innovativeness.

To support the development and improvement of children’s personality and social skills, partners are encouraged to join hands with GoldCoast Literacy Program (GCLP) in the wake of transmitting important literature and themes from one generation to the next.Goldcoast Literacy Program


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