Akuapem Poloo Jailed: High court to hear appeal today

Akuapem Poloo Jailed 90 DaysThe Criminal Court 2 Division of the High Court will today, Wednesday, April 21, 2021, hear the appeal filed by the legal advisor of socialite, Rosemond Brown, against her 90-day prison sentence.

Referred to in Broadway as Akuapem Poloo, the social media personality was condemned for distributing foul material and for sabotaging the pride and honesty of her seven-year-old child.

However, her legal counsel, Andrew Vortia, quickly claimed against the sentence, portraying it as cruel.

He has additionally, thusly, applied for bail for Akuapem Poloo forthcoming an assurance of the allure.

The legal counselor additionally told Citi News in a prior meet that both the examiner in the matter and the Attorney-General accept the sentence was harsh.

Be that as it may, it stays not yet clear what the State’s true position will be on the appeal.

Akuapem Poloo was seen as blameworthy for publicizing a naked photograph of herself and her seven-year-old child on June 30, 2020.

She conceded to each of the three charges and was indicted on her supplication by the court however she had at first argued not liable.

She was given her sentence following her conviction on charges of distribution of disgusting material and homegrown violence by an Accra circuit court.

The appointed authority, Christina Cann, wailed over the spate of nakedness on Ghanaian online media, keeping up that the discipline distributed to Akuapem Polo should fill in as an impediment to other people.

‘Appeal will be troublesome’

However, private lawful specialist, Bernard Owiredu has made a point that looking for an allure on the adjudicator’s decision will be quite difficult given the idea of the case and judgment.

“It is all inside the methodology of the legal counselor yet taking a gander at how the investigative framework functions, it will eat into the prison term. I’m feeling that the appointed authority won’t give bail forthcoming the allure. When the attorney documents the allure, he may prevail with regards to getting bail forthcoming allure. It occurs, yet it is exceptionally uncommon. If not, when the allure is heard, 50-days may have passed as of now.”

“I figure a full preliminary would have been awesome. Presently, it will be hard to bid against the conviction. He can just allure against the condemning because the conviction was on her request”, he told Citi News.


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