Canada Ghana Chamber Of Commerce to organize workshop on SDGS

“Integrating a SDGs into business plan can emanate business value, rival advantage and align shareholder value with amicable swell and environmental stewardship” says Prof. Wayne Dunn, President, CSR Training Institute.

World leaders in Sep 2015 committed to achieving 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These goals, inter alia, are meant to finish misery and hunger, strengthen an environment, yield arguable appetite and safeguard assent and wealth for all by 2030.

Ghana is during a forefront of this tellurian bulletin with President, Nana Akufo-Addo portion as Co-Chair of a U.N. Secretary General’s Advisory Council on a SDGs and heading an on-going inhabitant plan to allege a SDG bulletin in Ghana in a demeanour that integrates sustainability and investment competitiveness. The SDGs are during a vital heart of Ghana’s mutation agenda

Globally, several actors and stakeholders, both private and open have been speedy to partner any other and to muster resources to safeguard that these desirous goals are achieved.

Against this background, a CanadaGhana Chamber of Commerce is organizing a seminar in Accra on Feb 15, 2018, to sight private zone actors on a doing of SDGs.

According to an Executive Secretary of a CanadaGhana Chamber of Commerce, Ms. Andria Abrahams, “the eventuality is directed during enlivening private zone rendezvous on an SDGs.”

She indicated that participants during a finish of a eventuality will know how to confederate tolerable expansion goals into their business plan in sequence to emanate value for their businesses.

In assemblage will be a Senior Trade Commissioner of a Canada High Commission, Mr. Anderson Blanc and Dr. Eugene Owusu will residence participants. Also in attendance, will be critical attention players who will share their believe and practice with participants with regards to SDGs. Prof. Wayne Dunn of a CSR Training Institute will be heading a program.

The CanadaGhana Chamber of Commerce has been ancillary a private zone and Nana Akufo-Addo’s SDG agenda. The goal of a classification is to promote, protect, inspire and raise business interests of members and, of sold importance, promote expansion in shared trade and investment between Ghana and Canada. To attend in an imminent seminar or find out anything about a CanadaGhana Chamber of Commerce, hit an Executive Secretary on telephone: +233 264 808173.

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