Bea Lewis narrates how Aliko Dangote broke her heart

Dangote Girlfriends

Aliko Dangote, Africa’s richest man, is having his private life laundered over the Internet in an uncoordinated fashion, with photographs of his personal life being disseminated on social media.

Bea Lewis, an American restauranteur, made headlines on Friday when she claimed that Aliko Dangote, a Nigerian industrialist, dated her and broke her heart into “1000 pieces.”

“I dated the world’s wealthiest black man.” He shattered my heart into a thousand pieces. He taught me more than anyone else I’ve ever met. “Daily communication with a billionaire changes your perspective on the world,” she stated.

Lewis owns Atlanta Meal Prep, which serves local cuisine and encourages a healthy lifestyle through correct dieting, as well as Hush Dinner Club, which has organized over 1000 dinner events.

Dangote is said to have met her at a Mercedes store in Miami.

Lewis uploaded photos of herself and Mr Dangote, as well as a Valentine’s Day card dedicated to him, in the post, which appeared to be a mirror of the year 2020.

She claimed in the lengthy essay that dating Africa’s wealthiest man gave her a steady workout routine and led to her becoming vegan.

Dangote and Bea Lewis

Isn’t it worth it to have your heart shattered in order to obtain all of this?

While Bea Lewis has amassed over 30,000 followers in a matter of days, another American woman, Courtney “Allarounda1,” has amused the Internet with photos of Aliko Dangote’s buttocks, marking the second uncomfortable outing for Africa’s richest man in the new year.

Courtney “Allarounda1,” the second lady rumoured to be Dangote’s current lover, shared a video of herself and Mr. Dangote on a couch aboard a luxurious yacht. Mr Dangote was draped in an orange blanket while playing with his phone amidst visibly exposed buttocks when the mistress shot the video, but it was unclear in which country the vessel was travelling when the mistress shot it.

Dangote naked ass

Bea Lewis (Iambealewis), who had previously publicized her romance with Mr. Dangote and accused him of hurting her heart on Instagram, was also tagged by Courtney. Bea Lewis never dated Aliko Dangote, according to Courtney ” Allarounda1″ Dangote, who posted the awful video to solidify her status as the richest African man’s current girlfriend.

Bea Lewis narrates how Aliko Dangote broke her heart

Aliko, who is divorced with three daughters and one adoptive son, acquired his money selling cement around Africa. Aliko is also a well-known Playboy who is reported to squander money and gifts on the women in his life.


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