Alleged $8M Fraud: Hajia4Real could spend 17 years in prison

Hajia4Real is been extradited to the U.S for further interrogation for all the allegations leveled against her.

Alleged $8M Fraud: Hajia4Real could spend 17 years in prisonA rumor going viral indicates that Mona Faiz Montrage, better known as Hajia4Real, has been arrested by the London police.

According to information, Hajia4Real is currently in police detention after the London police intelligence section linked her to a number of serious crimes requiring prompt investigation and questioning.

Hajia4Real left Ghana for London in October to accept the Best Music Video of Year Award at the just ended Ghana Music Awards UK, and she has since been spotted relaxing in the UK.

She ran into trouble on her way out of London through the Heathrow airport where she was detained on November 10th while on board her flight to Ghana. Haijia4Real is alleged to be on Interpol’s “red list” of suspects as her allegations are tied to past incidents that happened during her stay in the United States of America.

Her apprehension in the UK was a joint operation between the security agencies of the U.S. and U.K security agencies.

Even though there are still many unanswered questions behind the arrest of Hajia4Real, our intelligence team is working to fill them in. However, information from trustworthy source suggests that there is a greater likelihood that Hajia4Real involved in money laundering and that, if convicted, she may face up to 17 years in prison.

In addition, our source says it’s conceivable that Hajia4Real will be extradited to the United States for additional questioning about all of the claims made against her.

To refresh your memory, Hajia4Real (born June 26, 1992) is a famous Ghanaian socialite, model, artist, and entrepreneur who goes by the stage names Mona or Hajia4Reall. The ‘Say Whaaat’ singer is widely known for hit songs like Baby, Hero, Badder Than, God’s Child and many more.


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