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20 dead in South Sudan airplane crash

An airplane crash in South Sudan killing 20 people, including an Anglican bishop and 4 foreigners has learned.

According to the regional spokesman, Taban Abel Aguek, 3 survived when a small plane crashed into a lake close to Yirol in the centre of the country Sunday morning.

“16 are South Sudanese nationals while four are foreigners including the pilot and the co-pilot, who are Sudanese, all dead. One Ugandan and an Ethiopian also died in the crash,” Taban Abel Aguek updated on Monday.

One of the deceased, an Anglican bishop of Yirol, Simon Adut, was a staff member of the South Sudanese Red Cross.

Meanwhile, an Italian doctor and two children were among the survivors.

An official with the South Sudan Aviation Authority said investigations were underway. He cited overloading and bad weather as possible causes that led to the accident.

The regional governor has declared 3 days of mourning for the lost souls.

A crashed plane is seen in Lakes State, South Sudan September 9, 2018.
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