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Zygee unveils Track-List for his upcoming EP “Nawoanya”

The music journey has been tough and rough for Zygee but he has been able to keep his head high, focusing with crystal clear ambition cum consistently working hard. Thinking critically with level-headed content, Zygee’s “Nawoanya” EP is almost ready for release.Zygee unveils Track-List for his upcoming EP "Nawoanya"Scheduled for release On 20th October 2017,  Nawoanya is a collection of 5 brand new songs, with 1 intro. 5 tracks in total as displayed on the official album tracklist. An incredible collection of solid hip-hop and Afrobeats cuts that are set to push him even further into the international stratosphere.

As innovative, original and a big dreamer as Zygee is, he has put a lot of work into his craft to loud the beginning of his music career from when he started till present day in his upcoming project.

The EP features some major homegrown act from the region such as ShieShie, Chief One, KD Bakes (Belce), and the unseen artise Kay Blaq .

Music as a universal language, everybody can relate regardless of the language barrier, but there’s something extra thunder-striking about Zygee’s style as an artist that has made him a distinctive figure amidst others. The EP explains it best. ’Nawoanya′ EP is absolutely substance over hype.

Check out the track-list below…

00. Intro

01. Save Me ft ShieShie (Prod by Nelson)

02. Error ft Chief One (Prod by IK)

03. Wo Deka Koe ft KD Bakes(Belce) (Prod by MOG)

04. Money Makes a Man(MMM) (Prod by IK)

05. E No Easy ft Kay Blaq (Prod by IK)

Source: Samcilla/BjrliveFM.com/120917/


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